Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget the Plumbing System

Spring is the time when cleaning is one of the most important topics on the mind of a homeowner. While you’re tossing, donating, and sorting through the accumulated goods from the year’s past, make sure you also ‘clean out’ the plumbing system. Spring maintenance from a skilled plumber maple ridge service prevents major breakdown in your plumbing system and helps keep your plumbing system in good working condition. A spring cleaning of the plumbing system is imperative to the functionality of the system!

Keep this list handy when it is time to maintain your plumbing system.

·    Check appliances (refrigerator, air conditioner, range, etc.) for leaks. Look at the seals closely to find leaks. Replace any appliances that are worn out or damaged as well as seals.

·    Mix baking soda, vinegar, and water together to use in the garbage disposal and sink to minimize odor.

·    Check the pipes underneath the sinks for signs of cracking, leaks, or other concerns.

·    Look at the faucets to find any drips. Tighten handles if they’re loose and tighten washers too.

·    Clean the drains. Moisture and water can cause trouble for the drains and leave behind a film that decreases the impressive look of this room.

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·    Conduct the food coloring leak test in the bathroom. Place a couple of drops of food coloring (Red or blue works best) to check for leakage. If the color is gone in an hour or less, there is a leak and you should call a plumber Maple Ridge expert quickly.

·    Check the handles on the toilet. If the handles are loose, it is time to tighten or replace them. Consider replacing the toilet if you are not using a low flush model.

·    Remove mineral deposits from the shower heads with a vinegar solution.

·    Look for mildew/mold growth in corners of the tub, underneath sinks, and elsewhere there is a risk of mold or mildew growth.

·    Check the gutters and clean them if necessary. Clean downspouts if they are dirty.

There you have it! Your plumbing spring cleaning list isn’t long, but it is a very valuable list that aids you in protecting your home and the place that fills your heart with love and joy. Performing these tasks each spring is a great way to prolong the lifetime of your plumbing system and reduce the need for repairs that can become expensive. It takes little work to achieve great things.