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Declare Your Gaming Supremacy


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Its fascinating how far gaming has come. To veteran gamers, the good old days are remembered fondly when all one needed was a joystick with one extra button and tv to connect it to. That was sufficient gaming to play heavily pixelated games that rendered blocky stick figures resembling the character or object one could control. And even then, that was fun and a source of hours of entertainment. Almost 40 years later and gaming has transformed into the ubiquitous fact of life that everyone can enjoy, anywhere at any time.

What changed it all was how rapid technology caught up with transferring the gaming experience from the living room over to a mobile device. Although companies such as Nintendo and Sega and later Sony would produce their own mobile handheld gaming devices, they were still not as widespread and attractive for the wider public. However, as cellphones got better, and with touch-screens being the new standard format of user interfaces, gaming didn’t require fancy buttons or analog sticks. All that was needed was swiping up or down or tapping on the screen and suddenly anybody could be a gamer.

As these devices are always connected to the internet, it made it easier for games to be multiplayer and competitive. With worldwide leaderboards showing the highest scores of the best players around the world, these new passive gamers could dedicate their leisure time to trying to capture and surpass someone else’s high score.

Gaming while on the go has become revolutionary, making everyone more engaged with their devices. With the many games being published on app stores around the world, there isn’t ever a shortage of options to pass the time while being entertained. Games such as Angry Birds, Words with Friends, and Bloons TD Battles, are geared towards amassing higher points over friends and family. By like Bloons TD Battles, players can establish bragging rights by adeptly using strategy to surpass another gamer’s points, which is what gaming is all about.

Downtime is something more people appear to have. Even at work, during break time or during a slow few minutes at the desk, it doesn’t hurt to take out a phone or tablet and see where one is at in the global score rankings. In some games, one has the option to spend small amounts of money to gain newer items to increase odds of success and victory. With these games, the fun is guaranteed to continue.